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all the pipes

xargs is a pretty cool command. Lets say you have a sweet one-liner that returns a list of files you want to do something with; for example, like coping files from one directory to another. You can do this with just cp by itself, I am sure, but I would rather be safe and pipe to my hearts desires until I get exactly what I want. In this case, and with xargs, you can do just that…

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I cannot stress it enough… use this utility! It is really convenient for, well…, stressing a system. The utility has several commandline arguments to target various components.

For example, if you would like to use up a whole mess of RAM:

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mdadm is used to create software raids. On this day, I had a drive fail… hard, and the drive needed to be replaced. Mentioned below are the steps I took to replace the failed drive.

Before removing any disk, make sure to run the following command to write all...

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LLDPd - Know your neighbors

lldpd is a daemon able to send and receive LLDP frames. LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a vendor-neutral Layer 2 protocol that allows a network device to advertise its identitiy and capabilities on the local network.

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